The "Third China" in the 21st Century


Wen Jiabao and Zeng Qinghong (2): Perspectives on the 'Two Centers' of China’s Fourth Generation:

May 24, 2004
Civil-Military Change in China: Elites, Institutes and Ideas after the 16th Party Congress



August 8, 2006
Shaping China's Security Environment: The Role of the People's Liberation Army





John J. Tkacik, Jr.

Introduction: Was North Korea Worth Fighting For?

State Department Legal Advisor: The Legal Status of Taiwan

Foreign Relations of the United States

July 13, 1971

To: EA/ROC – Mr. Charles T. Sylvester
From: L/EA – Robert I. Starr
Subject: Legal Status of Taiwan

You have asked for a comprehensive memorandum analyzing the question of the legal status of Taiwan in terms suitable for Congressional presentation. Attached is a paper that should serve this purpose. It is drawn mainly from the February 3, 1961 Czyzak memorandum, and contains no sensitive information or reference to classified documents.

Concurrence: L – Mr. Salans

TAIWAN DEPENDENCE: The Trade and Investment Dimension of Cross-Strait Politics

July 30, 2001


 By John Tkacik

When Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leader Chen Shui-bian announced he was running for the country's presidency in June 1999, Washington policy-makers were alarmed. The prospect of a DPP politician actually winning Taiwan's presidency and moving toward "Taiwan Independence" – a long-held dream of the DPP – was a nightmare that Pentagon planners and State Department diplomats have often war-gamed in scenarios that inevitably provoke China into armed conflict.

Is the Clinton Administration Still Committed to the “Six Assurances”?

February 18, 2000

 Washington's official policy toward Taiwan has been based on the "Taiwan Relations Act" – which takes precedence over the U.S.-China Communiques by virtue of its status as the "law of the land" – and by the lesser-known "Six Assurances." This paper describes the "Six Assurances" and assesses the Clinton Administration's faithfulness to these commitments made by a previous administration directly to the Taiwan government.

The "Six Assurances"

Gathering Clouds: One Country, Two Systems Isn't Working

June 28, 2002
The Wall Street Journal Asia

 By John J. Tkacik

Hong Kong has now been part of China for five years and only a few of the dire predictions of economic malaise and political suffocation that were so widespread among international pundits before 1997 have come true so far. But there are worrying signs of trouble ahead.

The United States Should Encourage India and Pakistan to Disengage

January 25, 2002

 by Dana Dillon and John J Tkacik, Jr.

Recent events have again pushed South Asia to the brink of war. On December 13, 2001, Pakistan-based terrorists attacked India's parliament, killing 14 people. India's reaction, however justified, has turned a gross criminal act into a military standoff. Both countries sent heavy troops to their common border and brandished the nuclear option.

Free Speech: Beijing Prepares to Censor Bush

February 21, 2002
The Wall Street Journal Asia

 By John J. Tkacik


It has become a tradition before every visit by a U.S. president for Beijing to promise not to censor his remarks. This latest trip by George W. Bush is no exception. Speaking on Feb. 6, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman pledged that Mr. Bush's press conference today, and his speech at Beijing's prestigious Tsinghua University tomorrow, will be broadcast live and -- most importantly -- uncut.

Who's Hu? Assessing China's Heir Apparent, Hu Jintao

April 19, 2002

 A Biographical Look at Vice President Hu Jintao

John Tkacik

Death Threats

July 24, 2001
China OnLine

By John J. Tkacik

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