A Hong Kong dollar re-peg to the RMB?

October 22, 2012


" . . . Would-be US leaders would do well to note that for probably the first time since the second world war the dollar bloc in east Asia has been displaced. In its wake a currency bloc based on China’s renminbi is emerging. . . ."


Chinese Intel Colleges graduate 240-400 spies a year

June 24, 2012
China Business Intelligence

  I thought this was interesting – one might deduce that these intelligence colleges were producing about 240-500 intel officers a year  . . . but I’m sure that’s vastly understated for the benefit of the Daily Telegraph


Is the U.S. letting its nuclear arsenal collapse?

June 27, 2011
Financial Times

 To repeat, as the Financial Times does, that “world’s nine nuclear-armed powers” will spend $1 trillion over ten years on the “procurement and modernization” of nuclear weapons only befogs the nuclear disarmament debate (Nuclear-armed countries to spend $1,000bn this decade, June 19).

More helpful would have been some FT reference to the fact that, while the U.S. is dismantling its own nuclear arsenal, China is the world’s busiest builder of nuclear weapons.



Chinese Central Propaganda Department says "make America target of criticism"

June 27, 2011
China Digital Times


CDT is run by an adjunct professor out of UCal Berkeley, but it has generally seemed reliable on propaganda administration issues . . . This is a window into how the Central Propaganda Department manages political debate in internet chatrooms and listservs . . . and how the CCP/CPD manages search engine censorship . . . The most illuminating bit, of course, is how the CCP/CPD has instructed its commentators to “make America the target” of criticism about the dangers of democratization.




Somehow China gets more ‘soft power’ bang for aid buck than U.S.

March 29, 2011
Washington Post

Washington POst columnist Michael Gerson - reporting from Malawi - sees little but Chinese construction across the skyline of Lilongwe, the Malawian capital.  He muses that China is amassing far more 'soft power' than the U.S.

China’s African investments: Who benefits? 



Chinese trade influence in Latin America worries U.S.

March 27, 2011
Financial Times


A Financial Times analysis sees renewed U.S. interest in Latin America, from President Obama’s visit to the urgent push a for free trade pacts with Colombia and Panama, as driven by China’s ever-growing presencein the region. China is now Columbia’s number two trading partner, and Brazil is alarmed that China’s cheap currency and low wages have hollowed out their manufacturing sector. (Financial Times) March 27, at 



Chinese Yuan among Asia’s least-appreciating currencies

March 28, 2011
Financial Times


Chinese Yuan among Asia’s least-appreciating currencies: Although China’s renminbi has appreciated 4.3 percent in the last year, it was among the five least-performing currencies in Asia, and the only currency in Asia to appreciate less than half its GDP growth. “Renminbi: ‘Redback’ puts the brakes on,” (Financial Times) March 28, at 


Nearly a fifth of all foreign students in U.S. are from China

March 27, 2011
Chicago Sun Times


Of the 691,000 foreign students who enrolled in American universities in the 2009-2010 academic year, nearly 128,000 — or 18 percent — were Chinese. “Chinese students enrolling in U.S. colleges in record numbers” (Chicago Sun Times) March 27,


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