Mao Zedong on the Sino-Japan War of 1936-45

April 11, 2013
China Business Intelligence

"In the past, Japan attacked China, and occupied the better part of China.  There are now some Japanese capitalist class representatives who see us and say:  We are deeply sorry, we in the past had aggressed against you all.  I said:  No, if it weren't for your aggression and your occupation of the better part of China. We could not have been victorious; your aggression stirred up the entire Chinese people to rise and oppose you.  It was only because of Japan's occupation of the better part of China that the Chinese people all therefore rose up."

(Conversation on meeting with Mr and Mrs Wilcox, Communist Party of New Zealand Secretary, February 9, 1964.)

"日本過去進攻中國, 佔領了大半個中. 有些日本資產階級的代表現在見到我們說: 對不起的很, 我們過去侵略了你們. 我說: 不, 沒有你們的侵略何佔領大半個中國, 我們不能勝利; 你們的侵略邀起全中國人民都起來反對你們. 就是因為日本佔領了大半個中國, 所以中國人民都起來了."



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